Demons and exorcism Via Webcam – Viral Marketing at its best ? Worst ?

Viral marketers get more creative by the day. In this case they are using chatroulette to promote The Last Exorcism. Watch below for reactions as a pretty girl scares the sh*t out of different groups of people.

What would have been your reaction ?


Slutroulette = Chatroulette with more boobs!

Chatroulette forced users through an agonizing hunt to connect with girls. Even when you finally landed on one, there was no guarantee you’d see some skin. On Slutroulette, you’re connected instantly to hundreds of girls who want to do a lot more than flash their boobs. What sort of thing do they want to do? Well, you’re just going to have to go to to see for yourself. The only thing you need to join the fun on Slutroulette is to be 18 and older. Pretty sweet, right?

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Slutroulette = Chatroulette with more boobs! | SEX.COM BLOG.

Adult Chatroulette

Some of you won’t be surprised and maybe you have even been there yourself, but so many people search Google in the hopes of finding a 100% adult chatroulette and end up as clueless as they were when they first started searching. We will try to help you figure this out once and for all so you can stop wasting time and get on to what you really want to do…find the best free adult chatroulette out there!

The free adult chatroulette

The real free adult chatroulette webcam

Here is a little article to help you understand why people are looking for this and to help you find the answer! We are not promising you’ll get some free sex but you now have a much better chance of getting it than before. The real adult chatroulette website was created for this purpose. Giving pleasure to single horny people all over the planet! Stop waisting your precious time with bullshit adult chatroulette websites that promise you hot free sex and gorgeous women because all you’re gonna get in the long run are empty pockets and dissatisfied personal and sexual relationships. You deserve better and you’re going to get it! Stop letting other people make fun of you and take control! There are solutions just around the corner, all you have to do is make the right choice. Once it’s made then you will never go back to chatroulette again!

Why seek an adult chatroulette?

Simply because on the classic chatroulette, it is forbidden to expose any nudity or to exhibit yourself in any other adult related nature. ! Some do not respect this rule and are quickly banned from the site. (Reporting system by other users: fast and efficient) In any case, even if the moderation system does not work, it is useless to practice exhibition because it is not a site for this purpose. The user who is looking for “sex” won’t find it there.

Where to find an adult chatroulette?

Most websites that pretend to be the new adult chatroulette are in fact pornographic sites without any real way to connect with hot singles looking for the same thing you are. Sometimes they are even empty chatroulette platforms with no one actually on them. You don’t want this do you?

Now on the official Slutroulette you can discover the one and only single adult chatroulette website out there that offers you a variety of hot gorgeous women looking for the same thing you are looking for. Other singles to chat and flirt with. (18 years old and up only)

How to “keep” a girl on chatroulette

How to keep a girl on chatrouolette

Learn how to chat the right way on chat roulette

Girls click on “next”

All “males” are well aware that it is extremely difficult to keep a girl on chatroulette.

Sometimes you don’t even have time to say “hi” and the girl has already clicked on “next”.

This is frustrating … especially when you are not necessarily “malicious” and you have interesting things to say (and not to show lol). Don’t take it personally. You will eventually do the same thing to someone without realizing it.

Tips and tricks to keep a girl online with you on chatroulette

Being presentable!

To start off, it is much more interesting for a girl to see a man in broad daylight, smiling and well dressed … rather a strange man in the dark, hand in the pants! So sit in a well lit room, make sure you look good and sit straight. Your smile should be honest and sincere. You want her to stay and if you flash her with an amazing smile she’ll stay to see who is behind it!

Initiate direct conversation!

Better to start with a wave of the hand and then say “hello” (in case the girl’s microphone doesn’t work) Make sure you have a few things ready to talk about. Ask her questions about her. Don’t be stupid and ask if she is vaginal right away, you can work your way up to that. Look directly into the webcam when you talk to her.  Look interested when she answers. Do not fidget around with something, text or type to someone else when you are listening. She needs to feel that you are interested in her more than anything else.

Surprise the person in front of you

Do not discuss the rain and the weather and do not just say “hello, who are you” … find a joke or a pleasant note about the girl in front of you. Be original and inventive. Be yourself and let your personality shine through. The first few times might be harder but once you get the hang of it, it will become more familiar and therefor easier. Talk with enthusiasm and don’t forget to smile!

And if it does not work?

If all these tips and tricks don’t seem to work for and doesn’t help you keep a girl on chatroulette, well then… no other choice, off to chatroulette girl edition where you are in control and where you are sure no one will next you!

Discover “ManyCam”

ManyCam Software

Manycam is a very convenient freeware to download and install on your computer!

Manycam is a simple and effective freeware you can install on any computer (Mac or PC).  It offers you a wide variety of options you can use with your webcam.  Its advantages are incredible here are a few of them :

It will allow you to

  • Add beautiful graphics to your webcam during your sessions on chatroulette
  • Use your camera simultaneously on multiple chatroulette websites. You may also use your webcam with multiple chat applications. Use Skype, Msn, Youtube, Goole + Hangouts and all this at the same time!
  • Add webcam effects, custom graphics into any webcam application. You can even change your face, add backgrounds and have tons of fun building your webcam universe!
  • Add live audio effects to your voice. You can control your audio and change the audio quality. You can even disguise your voice, make a funny high pitched voice or even drop it low! Get your friends laughing in seconds!
  • Draw over your video window or screen cast your online desktop
  • Switch between video and audio sources with the live video studio switcher
  • Create your own amusing and fun effects and graphics for your webcam and show off to your friends!


If you have installed and used Manycam, please do not hesitate to post your comments here and help others discover this incredible freeware!

Make a friendly connection ?

Girlfriends with laptop

With the overwhelming amount of online dating and chat sites, we almost forget the basics: It is quite possible to make new friends through chat. We tend to forget that what we want out of these sites are real friendly connections that will last longer than one night.

Indeed, more than half of dating on some sites starts off with friendships.

A few tips:

  1. Take your time and do not leave the chat site immediately after chatting
  2. Engage conversations in a courteous manner … maybe even add a little humor.
  3. Do not be afraid to forge real connections
  4. Do not be surprised if you and your partner quickly become linked. It doesn’t only happen to other people!

In conclusion, whether you’re looking for romance, friendship, a date or even 100% virtual sex, never forget that it’s always interesting to get to know the person at the other end first. Get to know them through friendliness.

In conclusion, whether it’s for real dating, romance, friendships or even 100% virtual relationships, it’s always interesting to start off by getting to know them through friendliness or even “playing” with people in front of you, just for the fun of it! This way you will have better chances of creating an honest friendly connection with someone who shares the same interests as you. Have fun!


Chatroulette Wiki: What is Chatroulette?

Many of you have looked everywhere on the internet for the definition of chatroulette. Stop looking! Chatroulette Exposed offers you this article to explain what Chatroulette is really like.


What is Chatroulette?

Chatroulette is a tool that is used to link two completely random people from anywhere in the world by two webcams interposed.

It doesn’t get much simpler than this! You turn on your webcam and you are randomly connected with another person who also has their webcam on and you start chatting.

How does it work exactly?

  • Just open an Internet page (we recommend using the browser chrome).
  • Log on to Adult Chatroulette
  • Then you choose and enter your user name
  • Finally click next until you find the right person for you to webcam chat with

History of Chatroulette

Chatroulette was created by a young Russian teenager of 17 years who was programming his own website in his garage so he could have fun with friends by “catching” one another randomly by webcam.

The system then became popular and expanded until it became a real buzz in 2010. Since then, millions of people log on to the different types of Chatroulette every day.


This is where Chatroulette Exposed comes into play: the first Chatroulette dating site ever! An easy website where you simply create your fun and original profile and as simply as that you will see your profiles created on so many dating platforms that you be overwhelmed with the amount of  incoming messages from beautiful girls around the world.  Dating has never been so easy! Try it out now! It’s completely free!

Hundreds of thousands of users each month use Slutroulette, to make new friends, find love … and maybe even create affinities with amazing girls who are just waiting to meet someone and have new adventures! This site is nothing like you’ve ever seen! Try it once and you will understand the power of this amazing Chatroulette dating site!




Welcome to Chatroulette Exposed

Welcome to Chatroulette Exposed !

Unlike most chatroulette websites, Chatroulette Exposed is 100% free with no hidden costs or bad intentions. There’s no publicity and nudity is allowed.

Already thousands are using Exposed WebcamsSlutroulette and LiveFreeFun, and keep coming back. Do not hesitate,  give a try, and let the adventure on Chatroulette Exposed begin!

Adult version of Chatroulette

Two girls in front of the webcam

Chatting from my basement, with my friends on Slutroulette

Chatting from my basement, with my friends on slutroulette  now on  Vimeo.

Chatting from my basement with my friends on slutroulette and trying out my new webcam !!!
You can have a look and check out my skateboard collection!

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